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Are you able to see the same as you used to?

Does everything seem to be blurred?

Your eyes may be affected by cataract or presbyopia.

There are many options to restore good vision. But there is only one artificial intraocular lens which mimics the design and behavior of the natural human lens.

WIOL-CF® is unique in its capability to provide continuous focus with all distances, not divided by two or three zones, and by its large optics allowing it to use more light than other lenses.*  Thanks to its special material, developed by the world´s leading experts on hydrogels, it also keeps transparency for a long time.

On the following pages, we will explain what a cataract and presbyopia is, how to treat these disorders, what to expect after the surgery, what happens during this procedure, and what the benefits and risks are of the unique WIOL-CF® lens.

More information about treatment of presbyopia and cataracts by WIOL-CF® you can read HERE.


*The diameter of the optical part of WIOL-CF is 8.9 mm, very close to the natural human lens (10.5 mm), while the diameter of the optical part of common artificial lenses varies from 5.0 to 6.0 mm.