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Selection of injector and incision

After thorough testing we recommend use of Accuject series from Medicel. We identified them as best fit for design and material of WIOL-CF®.

Following optical power of selected WIOL-CF® choose your injector size according to the table:

Range of Diopters of IOL Accujet size Recommended incision size
15.0 — 18.0 ACCUJET Injector-Set 2.2 2.5 mm
18.5 — 26.5 ACCUJET Injector-Set 2.6 2.8 mm
27.0 — 30.0 ACCUJET Injector-Set 3.0 3.2 mm


Depending on power of selected WIOL-CF® and size of injector the incision will vary between 2.2 and 3.2 mm.