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Continuous focus and large depth of field

WIOL-CF® is polyfocal. This is more than multifocal or trifocal. Multifocal lenses provide countable and pre-defined two or three zones of focus with very narrow depth of focus. WIOL-CF® provides focus continuously on all distances. This is achieved by negative spherical aberrations derived from its hyperbolic posterior shape. Depth of focus reaches up to 3.5 D.

WIOL-CF® mimics the work of natural lens. Its optical system is active and combines three different modes of action to reach the optimal visual acuity: polyfocality of the hyperbolic shape, adjustment of actual optical power by dilatating or narrowing pupil and change of shape of the lens itself.

Depth of focus up to 3.5 D is achieved by negative spherical aberrations derived from hyperbolic shape.
Dilatation or narrowing of pupil further supports this unique capability by changing actual optical power of area uncovered on the lens.


Read more details about polyfocality and accommodation of WIOL-CF HERE



Examinations on iTrace has proven that refraction map of eye with WIOL-CF® is changing as patient focuses to near or defocuses to far. It is documented that this capability enabled by soft material and large diameter of WIOL-CF® sustains for years.