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Clinical Results

We have collected data in the real-life, multicenter observational registry database project. It provides a comprehensive and objective information with the necessary details and guidance for everyday clinical practice.





Patients in the observed group showed relatively high expectation for near vision. The mean age in the group was 61,0 (48 - 82 years).


WIOL-CF® reached excellent visual acuity for far and intermediate vision. The Registry recorded nearly 1.0 for UDVA, J1+ for UIVA reached on average and near vision within range of social reading for all patients (UNVA average J2.6).

Achieved visual acuity appeared to be stable in time.

Mean UNVA in this timeline differs from mean UNVA shown in bar chart of visual acuity results because only patients who already passed 6 months after binocular surgery are involved. 

Best Corrected Monocular Visual Acuity shows safety of WIOL-CF® implantation. It can be corrected by spectacles if needed.



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