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Clear vision: low disturbing optical phenomena or PCO


WIOL-CF® features one piece of highly transparent and soft material with very low reflection, high content of water (42%) and smooth surface. With its diameter of almost 9 mm this IOL is the most similar to natural crystalline lens. Light goes into eye through clear and large optics and this provides lots of advantages.


The most valuable advantages are low incidence of disturbing optical phenomena, good visual acuity maintained also in low light conditions, high contrast sensitivity and capsular bag not damaged by hapttics.

Read HERE why WIOL-CF provides exceptional transparency together with focus to all distances


WIOL-CF intraocular lenses consistently show significantly lower incidence of optical phenomena than commonly available multifocal lenses.



WIOL-CF® is resistant to opacification caused by adsorption of proteins and creation of biofilm that is often followed by adhesion and proliferation of fibroblasts.

This is achieved by negative charge mediated by the carboxylate groups and exceptionally smooth surface. The cells cannot attach and grow on it. WIOL-CF® closely adheres to the posterior capsule and does not allow penetration of cells behind the lens.